RAWtronics True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones

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The future of earphones..? See my review below!

UPDATED 10/25/2018! I loved it so much I got GOLD! More pics below

I am soooo excited to share my review on RAWtronics True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones. At first glance it looks like some futuristic earphones, or even a pair of hearing aids.

However you look at it, it’s freakin cool!

What’s included?

Inside the box you get your two earphones of course, a charging cable, silicone in ear piece, and instructions! So happy that the instructions have an English version.
The instructions are SUPER detailed and explain every step needed to pair it to your phone and to pair each earphone together. You don’t want to use both earphones. You can just pair one and have the other for backup.

First Glance

At first glance the earphone looks cool. Just like the shape of your ear. I never saw earphone that look like this and I never used bone conduction before. It’s extremely lightweight! Surprising how light it is. It seems to be made of some type of plastic, it’s really sturdy and seems durable.

I was very happy with my purchase of the red earphones I decided to buy gold too! More pics below!


It’s easy to put on. Just slip it over your ear and it’ll fall right into place. When wearing it you won’t even feel that you have it on! It’s that light.

rawtronics bone conductions

The earphones also come with a silicone in ear piece. If you want to have extra security knowing these won’t fall out this will be what you will use. I have not had an issue with it falling but it’s good to have.

Sound quality

One of the most important things with earphones! I personally think the sounds quality is spot on. If you have a song with a lot of bass you’re going to hear that bass. I tested with a song by Panic at the Disco and was blown away!

When I first turned on my music and started walking around while listening to it, it was a little freaky at first. With no earbuds directly inside my ear it felt like the music was just surrounding my head. I never felt that before! Technology is crazy. When I say freaky that’s not bad it’s just new and mind blowing at the same time. It’s like hey nothing in my ears, it’s so lightweight I can’t feel it, yet it’s music going into my head!


After using the RAWtronics True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones I can tell you that I LOVE it! It’s the most comfortable earphone I ever used because I can’t even feel it! The sound quality is perfect. This was any first pair of bone conduction earphones and I am just blown away. Another plus is if you have long hair you can easily wear this without anyone noticing. Love the fact that it’s completely wireless, I can workout without cords in my way. It’s great. Highly recommend

I bought mine at full price. But it’s now on sale!
Comes in Black, Red, White, and Gold.


RAWtronics Completely Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones




Sound Quality


Easy to Use



  • Completely Wireless
  • Great Sound/Bass
  • Feels Like You're Wearing Nothing


  • Short Charging Cable

6 thoughts on “RAWtronics True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones

  1. Hi Nicole,
    How well do they stay on/over your ears? Would you be able to jog with them, for example?
    Considering I don’t have long hair, would jogging with them still be possible or would they likely fall off?
    Are you able to wear sunglasses with them, or do they both “fight for space” at the top edge of your ears?
    Thanks, John

    1. Hi John!

      It’s great staying on your ears. I actually wear glasses so I was afraid this would be impossible to wear. It actually fits great with glasses on. Also, jogging with these wouldn’t be an issue either. It cuffs your ear really good. I haven’t had any issues with it falling off.

    1. I will both into pairing mode and then double tapped on one of the earphones. That paired them both together

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