How to Start a Profitable Blog

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How to Start a Profitable Blog

Interested in starting a blog but don’t know where to start? Check out how to get my foolproof strategy for starting a profitable blog from scratch! Coming from a 10-time blog creator, I’ll be sharing all my hacks and quickstart tips. Keep reading…

Why Blogging?

If you’ve decided to start a blog, you probably know about ALL the amazingness blogging can bring to you:

  • The ability to generate unlimited income
  • Build a community and loyal followers
  • Network, find awesome opportunities and make friends
  • Reach an audience that you can share your message with

Blogging is easy, fun, and the best part, you can MAKE MONEY doing it! Many bloggers have left their job for blogging full time (including this girl). It’s something I think everybody should try. It’s rewarding and so many incredible benefits.

Starting a blog is a lot easier than you may think. Here’s how you get started:

  • Pick a Niche
  • Pick a Blog Name and Domain Name
  • Get Hosting and WordPress
  • Add content and launch!

Simple stuff, really. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough…

Picking Your Blog Niche

How to Start a Profitable Blog

Your niche is your blog category. What you are going to blog about. Will it be vegan cooking, plus size fashion, military life, parenting a special needs child, traveling the world, saving money, etc. You can blog about anything you want. Here’s my best advice on picking your niche: pick a topic you are PASSIONATE about.

Passion is not a requirement but it helps if you’re into what you’re blogging about, you know. You’ll never get bored and get writers block a lot less than if you picked a topic you were not passionate about. Here’s a quick list of some successful blogging niches that can make you money.

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Pick Your Blog Name and Domain Name

How to Start a Profitable Blog

Ideally your blog and domain name should match, if possible. Like, if you choose to blog about allergy free cooking, you can name your blog Allergy Free Cooking and your domain name would be Make sense? It doesn’t HAVE TO be a perfect match, but pretty close and AN EXACT MATCH if possible.

Some domain tips:

  • Keep it short: no more than 4 words, if possible
  • Make it a .com
  • Real words and real spellings
  • No dashes, special characters or physical numbers

Grab Hosting and Add WordPress

Ok, so now the technical part. You want your blog to be self hosted. This means your blog will look like this…

www. yourblogname .com

instead of this..

www. yourblogname.

You see how the first option looks more professional? Not only that, but you get a lot more functionality and more flexibility. The first option (self hosted) is more expensive but WORTH IT and it will pay for itself because a professional blog will usually earn more income than its counterpart.

For hosting, my #1 recommendation is..BLUEHOST!

How to Start a Profitable Blog

If you are just starting out, meaning this is your first blog, I’d recommend shared hosting. It’s very affordable (starts at $3.95/month) and comes with a ton of perks:

How to Start a Profitable Blog

Now, on the shared hosting page. You have 3 packages available. I’ve done all 3. Go for the Basic Hosting

How to Start a Profitable Blog


You pick your plan, pay, and grab your domain name. The domain name is usually included free. Once you’ve gone through the process, make your way to your Bluehost dashboard and connect WordPress using Bluehost’s 1-click install. That’s it!

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When you’re done, you can log into your blog dashboard (WordPress) and start customizing your blog.

I recommend a paid theme. Here are some favorites:


StudioPress offers Genesis Framework themes. Genesis Framework is a powerful framework great for making you more money and getting more traffic with your WordPress blog. I was sold on Genesis Framework from the very beginning and got it from the very beginning, since blog #1.

Genesis Framework themes from Studiopress offer…

  • SEO optimized themes
  • Smart design architecture
  • Responsiveness
  • Unlimited support
  • Airtight security
  • Instant updates

They offer a ton of gorgeous themes and they include the framework!

My favorites are: Essence Pro, Authority Pro and Refined Pro.

Getting Your Blog Launched

Once you pick your favorite StudioPress theme, next is adding content. Aim for adding at least 3 to 5 blog posts before you launch. Make the posts a minimum of 300 words, use lots of images, make your titles interesting and create social media graphics.

Some important pages to add: About Me, Contact Me, Resources, FAQ

You don’t have to add all of these but the 2 important ones are About and Contact.

Wrap Up

Once you’re done with the steps above, you’ll have a fully launched blog. Follow along on At Home Living Life for the best tips to get your blog tons of traffic, social media followers, a loyal readership, and monetized well!

Ready to get started? Post questions down in comments so we can chime in to help!

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