How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast

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How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast

Do you have a brand new Facebook fanpage for your business? Looking to increase your followers without spending money on marketing? Keep reading to learn how you can get your first 100 Facebook followers fast!

Growing Your Facebook Following

Facebook is a super powerful social network. It’s great for business, creating exposure for your brand, driving business and traffic to your website and more. You don’t have to spend money to build your following and grow your fanbase. Here are some easy, free ways to get your first 100 followers:

Complete Your Profile

This is key and is often missed. You want to make sure your fanpage is fully built. It doesn’t take long to do and makes a big difference between a professional-looking company and one that looks unprofessional. Some key pieces to have:

  • Your business mission or description
  • Website URL
  • Content

The first two points are self-explanatory. Add your business description so fans know what you’re all about, as well as your site URL so they know where the find you!

Content is the next important piece. You want to be active and create posts on a regular basis. This can be a mix of your content and sharing others’ content. Here some ideas to get you started:

  • Sales
  • New articles
  • Behind the scenes photos of the workspace
  • Memes
  • Video
  • Relevant viral videos and memes
  • Helpful tips, hacks, and tutorials
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Participate in Facebook Groups

How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast

Groups are the golden nugget to help you achieve growth fast. First, there is no such thing as belonging to too many Facebook groups. Join as many as you would like. For business, there are two kinds of groups: educational and engagement.

Educational groups are business Facebook groups that seek to create an educational environment for teaching and learning. You go to these groups to soak up knowledge, learn about the latest developments in business and social media, ask questions, network, make friends, improve your business and more.

In educational groups, there’s usually an open door policy and you’ll tend to see a very active group where peers are asking and answering questions.

Engagement groups exist to help your business grow. This can be growth on social media, subscribers, engagement, traffic, etc. In engagement groups, you’ll likely see engagement threads, which are mini participation events that help you achieve a goal. Some examples are follow threads. In a follow thread, you post your social media account to get follows.

The thread will have a theme, like Instagram follows. To participate, you post your Instagram url in the thread and follow the instructions. You usually have to follow ALL or SOME of the thread participants in order to get follows to your Instagram account. It’s called a reciprocal thread.

You give an action to gain an action.

Follow a Facebook page, to get a return follow.  Like a Facebook post, to get a return Facebook post like. Subscribe to a new blog, to get a return blog subscriber. Make sense?

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Getting Growth Fast

How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast

By following the tips above, you can grow your Facebook followers and be on your way to getting your first 100 Facebook followers super fast!  The engagement groups alone can help skyrocket your following on your fanpage.

Lets keep the conversation going! Do you have tips and tricks to grow a Facebook fanpage? Share below in comments so we can keep expanding on this! We’d love to hear from you.

How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast
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How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast
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How to Get Your First 100 Facebook Followers Fast
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