How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

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How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

There is ONE thing that sets YOU apart from being a six figure blogger. Do you know what that is? Keep reading to find out how you can make this ONE little change to explode your income and earn six figures blogging.

One Little Change

How to become a six figure blogger doing this

What is it? Creating digital products! Yes, creating products will transform your income. It’s a great way to earn passive income too! Imagine if you had a monthly membership course that charged $30/month and you had 100 students. That’s a passive $3,000/month from one course and from only 100 students. At 1,000 students, a cool $30K per month!

Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

The six figure bloggers are creating arsenals of products. Ebooks, courses, printables, guides, etc. This can be YOU! Here is how you do it:

Step 1.) Talk to your audience

Survey your readers. What are their top burning questions? What are they looking for? What do they need help with?

Step 2.) Solve a problem

Once you’ve polled your readers, create a solution to their problem, in the form of a digital product.

Step 3.) Market + Launch

Launch! Blast an email to your list, announce on social media, even consider investing a little in social media ads. This can be the difference between a five to six figure launch and earning very little from the start.

How to Create Digital Products

How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

It’s pretty simple. A lot of folks think it’s super hard or you need to be a techie but you don’t. Here is my master list of tools I use to create EPIC digital products:

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How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

Teachable is a breeze to use. They offer a variety of plans including a free one! It’s super easy to upload lessons, add video, etc. By the way, it’s for courses. They even let you create your own affiliate program for your course! You create a school like this one and then sell courses like this one. Easy.


How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

Sendowl is for digital products like ebooks or guides. It is also great for services like copywriting, blog audits, or any other service you may offer. Plans are very affordable and you can also create your very own affiliate program.


THE tool for creating graphics. If you are not a MS Powerpoint or Adobe Photoshop expert, Canva is for you. It’s very user friendly and you can create graphics for ebook covers, email headers, Pinterest graphics, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook wallpapers, etc.


How to Become a Six Figure Blogger

ConvertKit is for your newsletter distribution. If you are not growing your email list..STOP! Start doing this now. Trust me on this. You want to capture your readers and add them to your list. Convertkit lets you send out newsletters, create email sequences to distribute free email courses, create forms for your site and more.

Facebook and Pinterest

My two favorite social media platforms. I use both to market my products. Adding other social networks would be a great idea as well. Basically, you want to check your analytics to see where your audience is hanging out online, then, target those channels. So, if most of your traffic comes from Twitter, focus on Twitter. Makes sense?

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Wrap Up

There it is. Your key to making six figures blogging is through your very own products. Need some inspiration? Check out this six figure launch course creator. One of my favorites!

Do you create products? Share some of your best practices down below in comments!

How to Become a Six Figure Blogger
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How to Become a Six Figure Blogger
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